Avalon Hair Show

I had the opportunity to walk the runway at the Avalon Hair Show on October 10th.  It was a blast and I loved every second of it!  It was a contest for students of Avalon Hair School, as well as a fundraiser to support victims of domestic violence.  I enjoy doing what I love especially when it is helping others in need. There was 23 groups total, and each one had their very own theme to follow.  My group was The Capitol from Hunger Games.  All of our outfits were from a designer named Laurel Symone.  All of her pieces are gorgeous!! Check out her website here: http://laurelsymone.com/

All of this couldn’t of been possible without the amazing makeup artist and hair stylist I had.  Kristi is so talented at makeup and transformed me into looking like I came straight out of the Hunger Games.  Chelsea did amazing at tackling the challenge of big, crimped hair and made it turn out perfect for the theme! Book an appointment with them at Avalon School of Cosmetology. View their instagram accounts here: https://instagram.com/kferrdoeshair/  https://instagram.com/chebtingg3/


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Kristi and Chelsea!!

unnamed (15)

Ana Wagner is an amazing hair stylists and is such as sweet person to work with!!

unnamed (4)

My group was amazing!!

unnamed (16)

The aftermath haha!!

unnamed (17)

To see a video of my hair transformation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o4sCfAJ1dK4

Loves to all, Lex

It’s the Little Things…

This last Tuesday I went to Starbucks after work and when I went up to the drive – thru window to pay I was told by the cashier that the person in front of me had already paid for my order.  She told me that I was the 12th person to have my ordered paid for, and I of course kept it going.  These little acts of service warm my heart.  The next day I told my friend Lisa at work about this and she told me that she went through the same Starbucks drive – thru  and she was the second person in line. Her friend that was in front of her saw her and paid for her order.  I love that it kept going and I wonder how long it went on.  Tis’ the Season for warmth and Cheer!

The next day AZ had this breathtaking sunset

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Enjoy the little things in life <3


I have been extremely busy this last month so I apologize for not posting!! I recently joined a group called the Female Fashion Movement.  They are a group of girls who involve themselves with fashion events.  It has been a blast and I am loving every second of it!  They are working on a website, here’s the link: http://www.femalefashionmovement.com/  You can also follow them on instagram here: https://instagram.com/femalefashionmovement/

On October 2nd, I had the opportunity to be a model at Phoenix Fashion Week for Hues of Ego, a designer from Scottsdale, Arizona.  The owner Natasha designed beautiful clothes, and she is the nicest person ever!! The other model Brittany and I walked around in her gorgeous designs and were telling people all about her company, and handing out gift cards.  So many people came up to us as well and said to us “you look amazing who are you wearing??” Such a fabulous moment to experience!! This was all happening before the fashion show started.  When the show rolled around Natasha’s assistant Christina, handed me a pass to go watch the show.  Best thing ever! I sat third row and witnessed everything up close and personal.  Sadly, Hues of Ego wasn’t walking in the show that night, so I didn’t see her clothes strut the runway.  However, all of the other designers that night were gorgeous!!  Yas Couture has beautiful pieces out of this world!!


Christina, Natasha the owner of Hues of Ego, and I

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unnamed (10)

Homegirl can’t decide what to wear


Brittany and I, she was so much fun to model with!

unnamed (5)

I’m still so excited that I met style blogger Alyssa Wilson, her blog called sincerelytrulyscrumptiousxoxo is one of my all time favorites!!


Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

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Especially this wedding dress by Yas Couture^^^

I mean c’mon???  GORGEOUS!!! The details on the dress are stunning, as is the whole collection.

Saturday, I was running a booth for  a jewelry company named Maccimize. So unfortunately I didn’t get to see Hues of Ego walk in the show that night and see Natasha win DESIGNER OF THE YEAR! Her line is incredible and no one else deserves this as much as she does.  So so happy for her!! I looked up some pictures on Phoenix Fashion Weeks facebook and I found these photos of the show.  They had a ballerina perform to open up the show, looked ahmazing!!










Check out her website here: http://www.huesofego.com

For amazing jewelry click here: http://www.maccimize.com/

Such a blast & I am so thankful I was a part of it! XOXO LEX

Happy Labor Day Weekend!!

Hi loves! Hope you are all having a fabulous holiday weekend!  This three day weekend actually was a five day weekend for me, so so relaxing! Looking from the pictures I took from this weekend I realized something…. I eat out way too much! I eat at really healthy restaurants though so that cancels it out right??!!  On Friday my momma Jill and I went to Blue Lemon which is delicious! I got steak tacos with a side of sweet potato fries ( my absolute favorite!! ) My mom got roast with potatoes and veggies, and a side salad.  I also got a blueberry green tea smoothie, it was so yummy!! And for dessert we got a mini caramel cheesecake!

unnamed (1)




No filter, the sky not my strawberry frappe 🙂

On Saturday my family and I went down to San Tan mall and did some shopping and went to Kona grill.  We all got the Macadamia Nut Chicken with asparagus.  Look at all of that extra sauce haha!


On Sunday we went to Olive & Ivy in Scottsdale, so so good!


Cinnamon Roll Latte & bread with pesto sauce.


I know my feet aren’t centered yes it bothers me too, someone opened the door and i had to move fast haha! but look at the floor in their bathroom, ahhhhmazing!! If you stare at it and soften your gaze ( like you do for magic eye pictures) it looks like your standing in the air with the floor about a foot below your feet!!

On Sunday night I went and got a massage at QC Reflexology.  If you haven’t been, go right now! I went for an hour and every second of it I was in heaven!! They have your feet soaking in this herbal tea mixture and they start by massaging your face, scalp, and neck.  Next, they go to your shoulders, arms, fingers, legs, and feet.  Then you turn over and they massage your back side.  And lastly, they have you sit up and put your hands to your head and they stretch out your back and shoulder muscles.  Did I mention this whole massage lasts an hour and only costs less than $30?? Pure bliss.

To visit their website, click here: http://www.qcreflex.com/

After that my parents, mama Jude and Papa Roy, and I went to AJ’s for some mango iced tea and some chocolate! Perfect treat.

tea and chocolate

This is my second mama Judy! She is hilarious and I am so glad I work with her and get to see her everyday!



Rainy days in AZ are my favorite!

Today I headed down to Dana Park and got my favorite tropical acai bowl from Nekter.. mmmm so good!unnamed (2)









Then of course I headed down to Lizard Thicket! I am going to do an outfit post soon about their store so stay tuned!! Here’s what I bought today:






Check out their website here: http://www.shoplizardthicket.com/new-arrivals/

Hope all of you had an amazing Labor Day Weekend!!  Loves to all!! Lex


Cabin Fever

Spending 9 days at the Homer family cabin in Island Park, Idaho was the most perfect end to my summer! My cabin was built in 1945 by Johnny Sack.  Johnny Sack is a 4’11 immigrant from Germany who is a master craftsmen.  He built the cabin entirely by himself using hand tools.  My Great Grandpa John M. Homer won this cabin in a card game!!  It was originally built in Big Springs near the headwaters of the Snake River.  It was on forest service land that we leased from the government, and the lease was made a handshake.  In 1959 the government said the 100 year lease is now a 20 year lease and we needed to move our cabin by 1979.  We along with a number of other cabin owners along the Snake River tried to fight the government for 3 years to no avail, then we decided to pick the cabin up and move it to its present location only 3 miles away over looking the Henry Lake Flats.  Here my family made a few changes by working on the fireplace, adding foundation, and digging a well giving us the cleanest, purest water on earth.  I always crave cabin water! This water is filtered through miles of volcanic rock before it reaches the surface, this cleans the water of all impurities.  My Grandpa John T. Homer went to the cabin frequently growing up.  This cabin passed from my great grandpa, to my grandpa, and then to my father and his siblings.  So it has been in our family for three generations, and now I am the fourth generation having gone to it growing up my entire life.  Fifth generation are now enjoying the beautiful allure of the cabin in Island Park.  It has been a place that my family enjoys going to every summer, with numerous traditions that we keep going each year.  Such as floating the Snake River both day and night, hiking Big Spring trail, fishing, quad and motorcycle riding, making s’mores by our campfire, and of course going to the Playmill Theater.  I am counting down the days till I go next year!

kiddos at cabin

Dallas, me, Brightyn, and Hudson. Love seeing them grow up here!












Cows on Henrys Lake Flats right next to our cabin! They always show up to say hello when we are there! 🙂



Happiest when with an ice cream in her hand!


Dallas at our cabin.  The staircase is a signature feature of Johnny Sacks work.

spring water


hud water

Getting some fresh water at Howard’s Spring!


Baby deer in our backyard!



Big Springs, across the way from where our cabin was originally built!




me and dad


momma and daddy front door

dad and moos


Saw a baby moose & her momma on our hike through Big Springs! I saw their moose tracks on our trail about two minutes before this!

brightyn and c



double rainbow

Double Rainbow on our drive back from Big Sky, Montana


Big Springs Trail


Huckleberry Milkshakes in West Yellowstone, Montana

pan cab

Panorama of our cabin and the cattle ranch right beside it!

pan trail

Big Springs Trail!


Snake River!

cabin in snow

Here is our cabin at winter time! You can see why my family always goes in the summertime! My az blood would have a hard time handling this weather!


playmill group

At the Playmill, our favorite thing to do in West Yellowstone!

dole wip

Yummy Dole Whip!


Me and cec in front of the Playmill!

sam and alexis

Charlie and Katherine in the Foreigner! They played the part perfectly!

me and michale

The foreigner! Michael played the best preacher / villian!

mary poppins

Mary Poppins and her Bert!


David played the best devil!


dave and lex and cec

Me and Cecily with Ellard and how he would say it our “spooooouuuuuuunnnns!”


hike and playmill

Counterbalancing my hike by bringing some of Heidis famous fudge from the Playmill along with me!

The Playmill Theater is my most favorite memory from going to the cabin! When my parents got married they started going to all three shows every summer!  I have been going since I was a kid and it is my all time favorite tradition that I will continue when I have my own children.  Our favorite is of course Heidi, (the family owner’s) fudge! They have many flavors to choose from but the Homer’s favorite is the orange fudge! We bought 20 pieces of it to last us till we can get some more!  This year they did Damn Yankees, The Foreigner, and Mary Poppins! I went to five shows in one week, setting a new record! The Foreigner had me laughing till my abs hurt!  If you are ever in West Yellowstone, you have to stop by, you will not regret it!

I made a video of our trip! Check it out here: https://youtu.be/aUZ6uEGTxrc

Till next time Island Park, XOXO LEX




Sonoran Living!


This morning I had the opportunity to be on ABC15 Sonoran Living as a hair model for Beauty By Veronica salon.  It was such a blast and I am so happy I was able to be a part of it!

looking at my shoulder

My sister, Cecily was also a model!  On my hair they did a dutch braid with a pony tail; On Cecily’s hair they did a cross over ponytail.  Both hairstyles are so cute!!

sonoran living

cec and me

cecilys hair

All of their salon stylists are so talented and did a fantastic job!  I wish I could do this hairstyle to myself half as good as they did! Beauty By Veronica is located in Downtown Scottsdale and I highly recommend it.  You will leave their salon feeling like a million bucks & your hair will look and feel so soft! My hairstylist at the salon is Delores and she is marvelous! She has been to Europe to have training with the best of the best, and has been given many secrets to hair care.

Veronica, Cecily, Momma Jill, and I

Veronica, Cecily, Momma Jill, and I

I have major hair envy of  Veronica , the owner of the salon! I mean look at those gorgeous locks! She is an amazing business women, person, and she is even my friend on facebook! (inside joke)

To watch the segment here is the link!!


Beauty By Veronica: 480-874- 8889


My shirt: Nordstrom

Pants: Lizard Thicket

Cecily’s outfit: Lizard Thicket

find time for things that make you happy to be alive

Have a fabulous day!! XOXO, Lex


Some of my favorite things…

So happy about this being my very first post!  I have been wanting to do a blog for a long time and it’s so great to be accomplishing my goal! In this post I wanted to share with you some of my current favorite items that I am loving right now!

My latest obsession is called Nekter Juice Bar.  Some of the items they have are acai bowls, smoothies, and juice cleansing drinks.  I first found out about this place at one of their stores in Corona Del Mar, California and I instantly became addicted to them! I saw that they have a store here in Mesa, and I was so stoked! They have countless yummy, healthy options to choose from but my favorite is the tropical acai bowl.  It has coconut, mixed berries, and is topped with granola and freshly sliced banana.


I decided I wanted to make my own and here’s how it turned out:

my nekte

nekter bowls



Since I didn’t follow a recipe, the amount is totally up to you, but this is what I did!

About a cup of fresh strawberries

About a cup of frozen mixed berries

About a cup of Greek yogurt

Since I prefer to avoid grains I used a topping mixture of chopped almonds, pecans, and shredded coconut instead.   Top it with some sliced banana and Enjoy!:)

My current favorite book is:


I can’t put this book down.  Audrey Hepburn is such an astonishing women who did amazing things. She was truly a down to earth women who loved helping others and putting a smile upon their face. This book has information that I didn’t even know about Audrey Hepburn.  Did you know that one of her biggest concerns was her privacy?  She would only allow interviews to be for a very short amount of time because she started noticing that’s when the press would start to ask really personal questions, which was probably the biggest thing she disliked about the media.  How many celebrities today do we see that hate being in the limelight?

When World War II was just beginning, her family moved to the Netherlands thinking it was going to be neutral country away from the war.  Unfortunately, they were wrong and the Nazi’s invaded, cutting off the food supply.  This is why it was believed Audrey was able to keep such a slim figure throughout her life.  Also, she worked for Unicef. Audrey traveled to numerous places such as, Ethiopia, Turkey, Venezuela, Ecuador, and many other countries.  In addition to that, she gave speeches and press conferences about this issue, and testified before the US Senate.

I wanted to share some great words said by her.  She had such a tender soul and will always be one of my greatest role models!   Definitely worth the read!

audrey  ‘

audrey hepburn quotes


Sunday Brunch was spent at The Henry in Scottsdale.  One of my all time favorite restaurants!! As well as their delicious food they have amazing coffee & pastries!  If you go there I highly recommend their chicken fried chicken. I love how The Henry uses such fresh healthy ingredients in all of their meals!


Coconut Coffee!


Passion fruit macaroon!

the henry

Dress: Lizard Thicket Boutique

Tights: Target

Shoes: Rue 21

Last but not least, this is something fantastic to start your next week off on the right foot! Do something amazing today!! Loves to all, XOXO, LEXI

stayling alive