Cabin Fever

Spending 9 days at the Homer family cabin in Island Park, Idaho was the most perfect end to my summer! My cabin was built in 1945 by Johnny Sack.  Johnny Sack is a 4’11 immigrant from Germany who is a master craftsmen.  He built the cabin entirely by himself using hand tools.  My Great Grandpa John M. Homer won this cabin in a card game!!  It was originally built in Big Springs near the headwaters of the Snake River.  It was on forest service land that we leased from the government, and the lease was made a handshake.  In 1959 the government said the 100 year lease is now a 20 year lease and we needed to move our cabin by 1979.  We along with a number of other cabin owners along the Snake River tried to fight the government for 3 years to no avail, then we decided to pick the cabin up and move it to its present location only 3 miles away over looking the Henry Lake Flats.  Here my family made a few changes by working on the fireplace, adding foundation, and digging a well giving us the cleanest, purest water on earth.  I always crave cabin water! This water is filtered through miles of volcanic rock before it reaches the surface, this cleans the water of all impurities.  My Grandpa John T. Homer went to the cabin frequently growing up.  This cabin passed from my great grandpa, to my grandpa, and then to my father and his siblings.  So it has been in our family for three generations, and now I am the fourth generation having gone to it growing up my entire life.  Fifth generation are now enjoying the beautiful allure of the cabin in Island Park.  It has been a place that my family enjoys going to every summer, with numerous traditions that we keep going each year.  Such as floating the Snake River both day and night, hiking Big Spring trail, fishing, quad and motorcycle riding, making s’mores by our campfire, and of course going to the Playmill Theater.  I am counting down the days till I go next year!

kiddos at cabin

Dallas, me, Brightyn, and Hudson. Love seeing them grow up here!












Cows on Henrys Lake Flats right next to our cabin! They always show up to say hello when we are there! 🙂



Happiest when with an ice cream in her hand!


Dallas at our cabin.  The staircase is a signature feature of Johnny Sacks work.

spring water


hud water

Getting some fresh water at Howard’s Spring!


Baby deer in our backyard!



Big Springs, across the way from where our cabin was originally built!




me and dad


momma and daddy front door

dad and moos


Saw a baby moose & her momma on our hike through Big Springs! I saw their moose tracks on our trail about two minutes before this!

brightyn and c



double rainbow

Double Rainbow on our drive back from Big Sky, Montana


Big Springs Trail


Huckleberry Milkshakes in West Yellowstone, Montana

pan cab

Panorama of our cabin and the cattle ranch right beside it!

pan trail

Big Springs Trail!


Snake River!

cabin in snow

Here is our cabin at winter time! You can see why my family always goes in the summertime! My az blood would have a hard time handling this weather!


playmill group

At the Playmill, our favorite thing to do in West Yellowstone!

dole wip

Yummy Dole Whip!


Me and cec in front of the Playmill!

sam and alexis

Charlie and Katherine in the Foreigner! They played the part perfectly!

me and michale

The foreigner! Michael played the best preacher / villian!

mary poppins

Mary Poppins and her Bert!


David played the best devil!


dave and lex and cec

Me and Cecily with Ellard and how he would say it our “spooooouuuuuuunnnns!”


hike and playmill

Counterbalancing my hike by bringing some of Heidis famous fudge from the Playmill along with me!

The Playmill Theater is my most favorite memory from going to the cabin! When my parents got married they started going to all three shows every summer!  I have been going since I was a kid and it is my all time favorite tradition that I will continue when I have my own children.  Our favorite is of course Heidi, (the family owner’s) fudge! They have many flavors to choose from but the Homer’s favorite is the orange fudge! We bought 20 pieces of it to last us till we can get some more!  This year they did Damn Yankees, The Foreigner, and Mary Poppins! I went to five shows in one week, setting a new record! The Foreigner had me laughing till my abs hurt!  If you are ever in West Yellowstone, you have to stop by, you will not regret it!

I made a video of our trip! Check it out here:

Till next time Island Park, XOXO LEX