Happy Labor Day Weekend!!

Hi loves! Hope you are all having a fabulous holiday weekend!  This three day weekend actually was a five day weekend for me, so so relaxing! Looking from the pictures I took from this weekend I realized something…. I eat out way too much! I eat at really healthy restaurants though so that cancels it out right??!!  On Friday my momma Jill and I went to Blue Lemon which is delicious! I got steak tacos with a side of sweet potato fries ( my absolute favorite!! ) My mom got roast with potatoes and veggies, and a side salad.  I also got a blueberry green tea smoothie, it was so yummy!! And for dessert we got a mini caramel cheesecake!

unnamed (1)




No filter, the sky not my strawberry frappe 🙂

On Saturday my family and I went down to San Tan mall and did some shopping and went to Kona grill.  We all got the Macadamia Nut Chicken with asparagus.  Look at all of that extra sauce haha!


On Sunday we went to Olive & Ivy in Scottsdale, so so good!


Cinnamon Roll Latte & bread with pesto sauce.


I know my feet aren’t centered yes it bothers me too, someone opened the door and i had to move fast haha! but look at the floor in their bathroom, ahhhhmazing!! If you stare at it and soften your gaze ( like you do for magic eye pictures) it looks like your standing in the air with the floor about a foot below your feet!!

On Sunday night I went and got a massage at QC Reflexology.  If you haven’t been, go right now! I went for an hour and every second of it I was in heaven!! They have your feet soaking in this herbal tea mixture and they start by massaging your face, scalp, and neck.  Next, they go to your shoulders, arms, fingers, legs, and feet.  Then you turn over and they massage your back side.  And lastly, they have you sit up and put your hands to your head and they stretch out your back and shoulder muscles.  Did I mention this whole massage lasts an hour and only costs less than $30?? Pure bliss.

To visit their website, click here: http://www.qcreflex.com/

After that my parents, mama Jude and Papa Roy, and I went to AJ’s for some mango iced tea and some chocolate! Perfect treat.

tea and chocolate

This is my second mama Judy! She is hilarious and I am so glad I work with her and get to see her everyday!



Rainy days in AZ are my favorite!

Today I headed down to Dana Park and got my favorite tropical acai bowl from Nekter.. mmmm so good!unnamed (2)









Then of course I headed down to Lizard Thicket! I am going to do an outfit post soon about their store so stay tuned!! Here’s what I bought today:






Check out their website here: http://www.shoplizardthicket.com/new-arrivals/

Hope all of you had an amazing Labor Day Weekend!!  Loves to all!! Lex