Avalon Hair Show

I had the opportunity to walk the runway at the Avalon Hair Show on October 10th.  It was a blast and I loved every second of it!  It was a contest for students of Avalon Hair School, as well as a fundraiser to support victims of domestic violence.  I enjoy doing what I love especially when it is helping others in need. There was 23 groups total, and each one had their very own theme to follow.  My group was The Capitol from Hunger Games.  All of our outfits were from a designer named Laurel Symone.  All of her pieces are gorgeous!! Check out her website here: http://laurelsymone.com/

All of this couldn’t of been possible without the amazing makeup artist and hair stylist I had.  Kristi is so talented at makeup and transformed me into looking like I came straight out of the Hunger Games.  Chelsea did amazing at tackling the challenge of big, crimped hair and made it turn out perfect for the theme! Book an appointment with them at Avalon School of Cosmetology. View their instagram accounts here: https://instagram.com/kferrdoeshair/  https://instagram.com/chebtingg3/


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Kristi and Chelsea!!

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Ana Wagner is an amazing hair stylists and is such as sweet person to work with!!

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My group was amazing!!

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The aftermath haha!!

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To see a video of my hair transformation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o4sCfAJ1dK4

Loves to all, Lex

It’s the Little Things…

This last Tuesday I went to Starbucks after work and when I went up to the drive – thru window to pay I was told by the cashier that the person in front of me had already paid for my order.  She told me that I was the 12th person to have my ordered paid for, and I of course kept it going.  These little acts of service warm my heart.  The next day I told my friend Lisa at work about this and she told me that she went through the same Starbucks drive – thru  and she was the second person in line. Her friend that was in front of her saw her and paid for her order.  I love that it kept going and I wonder how long it went on.  Tis’ the Season for warmth and Cheer!

The next day AZ had this breathtaking sunset

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Enjoy the little things in life <3


I have been extremely busy this last month so I apologize for not posting!! I recently joined a group called the Female Fashion Movement.  They are a group of girls who involve themselves with fashion events.  It has been a blast and I am loving every second of it!  They are working on a website, here’s the link: http://www.femalefashionmovement.com/  You can also follow them on instagram here: https://instagram.com/femalefashionmovement/

On October 2nd, I had the opportunity to be a model at Phoenix Fashion Week for Hues of Ego, a designer from Scottsdale, Arizona.  The owner Natasha designed beautiful clothes, and she is the nicest person ever!! The other model Brittany and I walked around in her gorgeous designs and were telling people all about her company, and handing out gift cards.  So many people came up to us as well and said to us “you look amazing who are you wearing??” Such a fabulous moment to experience!! This was all happening before the fashion show started.  When the show rolled around Natasha’s assistant Christina, handed me a pass to go watch the show.  Best thing ever! I sat third row and witnessed everything up close and personal.  Sadly, Hues of Ego wasn’t walking in the show that night, so I didn’t see her clothes strut the runway.  However, all of the other designers that night were gorgeous!!  Yas Couture has beautiful pieces out of this world!!


Christina, Natasha the owner of Hues of Ego, and I

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Homegirl can’t decide what to wear


Brittany and I, she was so much fun to model with!

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I’m still so excited that I met style blogger Alyssa Wilson, her blog called sincerelytrulyscrumptiousxoxo is one of my all time favorites!!


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Especially this wedding dress by Yas Couture^^^

I mean c’mon???  GORGEOUS!!! The details on the dress are stunning, as is the whole collection.

Saturday, I was running a booth for  a jewelry company named Maccimize. So unfortunately I didn’t get to see Hues of Ego walk in the show that night and see Natasha win DESIGNER OF THE YEAR! Her line is incredible and no one else deserves this as much as she does.  So so happy for her!! I looked up some pictures on Phoenix Fashion Weeks facebook and I found these photos of the show.  They had a ballerina perform to open up the show, looked ahmazing!!










Check out her website here: http://www.huesofego.com

For amazing jewelry click here: http://www.maccimize.com/

Such a blast & I am so thankful I was a part of it! XOXO LEX