It’s the Little Things…

This last Tuesday I went to Starbucks after work and when I went up to the drive – thru window to pay I was told by the cashier that the person in front of me had already paid for my order.  She told me that I was the 12th person to have my ordered paid for, and I of course kept it going.  These little acts of service warm my heart.  The next day I told my friend Lisa at work about this and she told me that she went through the same Starbucks drive – thru  and she was the second person in line. Her friend that was in front of her saw her and paid for her order.  I love that it kept going and I wonder how long it went on.  Tis’ the Season for warmth and Cheer!

The next day AZ had this breathtaking sunset

unnamed (11) unnamed

Enjoy the little things in life <3

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