About Lexi//

Hi loves! My Name is Lexi, and I was born and raised in Mesa, Arizona. However I am a Californian at heart! I am currently working at an elementary school as a teacher’s assistant and I love it! Youngest of seven children, I am a 25 year old trapped inside a 19 year old body. I’ve never felt  my age, always closer to people who are older than me! I love all things natural, organic, and real. I grew up eating out of my garden, picking my breakfast off of a tree, and it really helped me have a passion for nutrition and real food.  Health has always been a family priority.  I, myself have never been to a doctor for an illness. An ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure.

I have a special place inside that I like to call my “light box.”  This is a place where I put my goals, dreams, memories, aspirations, and new ideas.  I invite you to create your own special place where you hold your favorite things that inspire and support you to be the best version of yourself.

My greatest role models are strong, independent women who stand up for what they believe in.  They are always looking for ways to improve themselves and support each other.  Most importantly, they look inside themselves and figure out what they truly love.  I have learned that the answer is never going to come from looking outside yourself.  Remember, there is no one else like you!  That’s something to celebrate! Be unique, Be you!

The goal is that this be a place where you can come and have your mind and soul awakened.  I am going to share healthy recipes, fashion and skincare tips, life experiences, and inspiring ideas and quotes.  I invite you to look inside your own light box!

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