Some of my favorite things…

So happy about this being my very first post!  I have been wanting to do a blog for a long time and it’s so great to be accomplishing my goal! In this post I wanted to share with you some of my current favorite items that I am loving right now!

My latest obsession is called Nekter Juice Bar.  Some of the items they have are acai bowls, smoothies, and juice cleansing drinks.  I first found out about this place at one of their stores in Corona Del Mar, California and I instantly became addicted to them! I saw that they have a store here in Mesa, and I was so stoked! They have countless yummy, healthy options to choose from but my favorite is the tropical acai bowl.  It has coconut, mixed berries, and is topped with granola and freshly sliced banana.


I decided I wanted to make my own and here’s how it turned out:

my nekte

nekter bowls



Since I didn’t follow a recipe, the amount is totally up to you, but this is what I did!

About a cup of fresh strawberries

About a cup of frozen mixed berries

About a cup of Greek yogurt

Since I prefer to avoid grains I used a topping mixture of chopped almonds, pecans, and shredded coconut instead.   Top it with some sliced banana and Enjoy!:)

My current favorite book is:


I can’t put this book down.  Audrey Hepburn is such an astonishing women who did amazing things. She was truly a down to earth women who loved helping others and putting a smile upon their face. This book has information that I didn’t even know about Audrey Hepburn.  Did you know that one of her biggest concerns was her privacy?  She would only allow interviews to be for a very short amount of time because she started noticing that’s when the press would start to ask really personal questions, which was probably the biggest thing she disliked about the media.  How many celebrities today do we see that hate being in the limelight?

When World War II was just beginning, her family moved to the Netherlands thinking it was going to be neutral country away from the war.  Unfortunately, they were wrong and the Nazi’s invaded, cutting off the food supply.  This is why it was believed Audrey was able to keep such a slim figure throughout her life.  Also, she worked for Unicef. Audrey traveled to numerous places such as, Ethiopia, Turkey, Venezuela, Ecuador, and many other countries.  In addition to that, she gave speeches and press conferences about this issue, and testified before the US Senate.

I wanted to share some great words said by her.  She had such a tender soul and will always be one of my greatest role models!   Definitely worth the read!

audrey  ‘

audrey hepburn quotes


Sunday Brunch was spent at The Henry in Scottsdale.  One of my all time favorite restaurants!! As well as their delicious food they have amazing coffee & pastries!  If you go there I highly recommend their chicken fried chicken. I love how The Henry uses such fresh healthy ingredients in all of their meals!


Coconut Coffee!


Passion fruit macaroon!

the henry

Dress: Lizard Thicket Boutique

Tights: Target

Shoes: Rue 21

Last but not least, this is something fantastic to start your next week off on the right foot! Do something amazing today!! Loves to all, XOXO, LEXI

stayling alive